Siemens Teamcenter

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Henk-Jan Scholman
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Siemens Teamcenter

Post by Henk-Jan Scholman » 28 Feb 2017, 15:54

Siemens is one of many PLM platform suppliers: Teamcenter.

Who has any experience with this platform and would like to share what he's learned?

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Re: Siemens Teamcenter

Post by Geert_DK » 02 Mar 2017, 18:00

I have seen this on a Indumation fair in Belgium.
Nice product, but again Siemens. I think this is a product-related software.

Matthias Probst
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Re: Siemens Teamcenter

Post by Matthias Probst » 21 Apr 2017, 09:20

i had an project 4 years ago in Aachen where they implemented Teamcenter, but it was mechanical driven an the guys forget, that the company also have an software and electrical department. I have to take a look if i have the contacts from the Teamcenter guys in the netherlands they work with this.

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