A short history of modularity

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A short history of modularity

Post by Henk-Jan Scholman » 29 Mar 2017, 14:51

Defining Modules, Modularity and Modularization
Evolution of the Concept in a Historical Perspective

http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/do ... 1&type=pdf
It is argued that the previous definitions of product modularity are no longer valid as products
have become increasingly immaterial. Instead, modularity must be understood in relation to
both the structure of the system to which the module belongs, and in relation to the amount of
functionality of the module relative to the product of which it is part. The suggested definitions
apply for both physical and immaterial products, as modularity is defined as a structuring
principle for technical systems in general. The basic drivers behind modularization are
described as: creation of variety, utilization of similarities and reduction of complexity.
written in 1998 ... but still valid.

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