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mp³ system engineering Toolbox

Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 17:26
by Matthias Probst
The mp³ system engineering Toolbox is ready and online to buy. ... 3setoolbox

The mp³se Toolbox is a program that provides a user interface for external editing of databases in the E-CAD area.
The "Translation" module of the mp3seToolbox provides direct access to the data of the EPLAN dictionary.
Keep your translation database up to date and fill in missing translations - without EPLAN knowledge.
The application can manage the SQL and Access databases used by EPLAN.

The Translation Module of the Toolbox provides a connection to an EPLAN P8 translation database without having to start an EPLAN license.

With the toolbox you can
Easily keep your translation data up-to-date without disrupting the ongoing design process with maintenance.
maintain multiple dictionaries and exchange data between the dictionaries
Embed and edit MS SQL and MS Access dictionaries
Exchange data with translation programs (such as SDL) via import / export
Filter languages

Without the EPLAN P8 software, including the multi-language module with the installed translation data base,
the translation module of the Toolbox is useless.

The Toolbox is to be instaled on a IT Network or on to local PC.
The Toolbox is a Win 32 bit application.

Re: mp³ system engineering Toolbox

Posted: 12 Nov 2017, 21:01
by Henk-Jan Scholman
So what kind of companies (I guess those who deliver internationally?) would need this?

And what kind of user would use it? Non-EPLAN engineers?

Re: mp³ system engineering Toolbox

Posted: 13 Nov 2017, 08:09
by Matthias Probst
yes correct companies with international projects.

The challenge of translation is the constant maintenance of the dictionary. Normaly you block an EPLAN Licens and engineer for this work.
with the mp3seToolbox you could skip this work to
- everyone in the company with different language backgroung
- departments for quality improovment or standarization
- students in foreign language correspondent
- professional translator
- or if you have local department of the company where the machine would be delivered
The next point is, that you have a dictionary that everyone in the company can access.
This closes a gap between the departments