Version control software, document control software, collaboration software and such. Anything that supports and improves the engineering information flow.
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This is the collaboration tool that I've been implementing at one of my customers. Originated from the open-source Redmine tool, originally intended for agile software development. It reduces any process to its essence: people that need to perform tasks. It allows you to distribute, share and present these tasks in any way you like. easyRedmine is an improved and extended version of that.

You can use it as a means to change the way people collaborate by defining specific tasks for specific roles and as such define specific responsabilities. One can present all these tasks on a scrum board, gantt-chart or work-brake-down-mind-map. Whatever suits you. Use it for resourceplanning, projectplanning ... depending on what your customer's/company's needs are.

If you want to give it a try; it's easy 'cos cloud based. You can get a 30day full feature (a bit overwhelming) account
REDMINE is an open source platform used by 100,000’s of organizations around the world. Easy Redmine is an improved Redmine that provides powerful project management features and extensions for customer, finance, and resource management. All this with professional implementation and support. In the cloud or on your server, Easy Redmine also provides mobile apps so you can access and use it with any iPhone or Android device.

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